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By | February 10, 2018

Computer games have achieved immense popularity, especially in the last couple of decades. These games help pass time and are lots of fun to play. You can play them solo or with partners. Playing such games have also reported having many emotional, mental and physical benefits. From the simple game of Tetris, games of today have fantastic visualisations, incredible themes and well thought of a game plan. Following is a compilation of best computer games of all times. The games have been divided time wise to cover the last three decades. Games have been included based more on their appeal rather than how many latest version of the game has come in the market. The games are accessible across various generations because of their timeless appeal.

computer games 2018

2011 onwards

Some of the games that are quite popular today are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Dota 2, The Walking Dead and Minecraft. The Witcher 3 game is considered one of the greatest games and has been awarded game of the year award too. It is an action-packed game in which the player has to battle many dangers and acquire points and some gold. Dota 2 has been one of the most played games and features multi-player modes. The games popularity has even resulted in the production of some merchandise related to the game. Walking dead is another favorite game which follows a storyline in its gameplay. Mine craft has been hailed as an educational game that makes player explore various resources.


Games that were played most during this decade and are still quite popular today are Call of Duty 2, Civilization IV, Portal and Mass Effect 2. Mass Effect 2 is a space adventure game and is even considered one of the best computer games of all times. It is an action-packed game in which the player needs to save the galaxy from invaders. Civilization IV is the 4th instalment of the strategy based game-Civilization. The game involves building a whole civilisation from the available resources. It is regarded as one of the best games in the strategy genre of games. Portal is a puzzle solving game that has been praised as one of the most original games of all times. Call of Duty 2 is a war based game that allows the player to participate in the campaign as a soldier.


Some of the most popular games of this decade were Star Wars: TIE Fighter, Ultima Online, Age of the Empires II and Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike is a game that is played in a combative mode with the player either becoming a member of pro-government or anti-government team. Points are scored in the form of currency in this game. Age of Empires II- The period of Kings has been published by Microsoft. The gameplay involves gathering resources and fighting enemies. Ultima Online is a multiplayer role-playing game that has set many Guinness records. It is still considered one of the best computer games of all times. Star Wars: TIE fighter is a space combat game and is known as the best action game ever. It has even been inducted in the Hall of Fame of IGN.

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