New podcast in UK gives you trends for casino sites 2020!

By | October 17, 2019

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Another year is starting to come to an end, something that comparison sites for online casinos surely noticed. We have seen a lot of focus towards 2020 already, and since you play at casinos, we thought that Play Something should mention this new development as well. Just like playing instruments, playing at online casinos can be very soothing. However, we want to make sure that we are all for responsible gambling and that players always should seek help if they can’t handle it. Nonetheless, as long as it is on a healthy level, it may be a fun way to get a thrill. And at the same time having the possibility to win some money.

Signing up as a new player is usually a way to get a big welcome bonus. Something that the guys at know about. They have a specific page for new casino sites in the UK for 2020, which lists all the new brands that you can play at. On top of that, they have recently released a podcast that digs deeper into what to expect from casinos in 2020.

A podcast about new UK casinos in 2020

In a podcast trending time, listening to new information about everything is quite popular. Instead of watching or reading the news today, many people listen to their favourite news podcast instead. In The Casino Bonus Podcast, this site takes casino comparison sites into this media. Their content manager, Nicholas Cross, talks about the future and predict what UK casinos will offer their players in 2020. Nick also writes trustworthy reviews for the site and with his long experience in the industry, he sure knows what he’s talking about. A great way, according to us, to find the new casino sites in the UK that are safe to play at and offer what we want.

podcast new casino sites 2020 uk

In this podcast, he also recommends casinos what they should think about to maintain players. Today, many brands have a big issue keeping their players. Therefore, new and improved VIP clubs in such is needed. It might actually be a really good idea for casino operators to listen to this podcast as well, in order to get some pointers on how to develop their sites.

If you want to listen to their podcast, which any UK casino player 2020 should do, visit the site or use one of the following podcast channels:

Next time, we will be back with more music, instruments and concerts, for sure. Until then, Play Something!