Live streams and virtual concerts

By | March 27, 2020

Since the world is shutting down and going into lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic we are starting to see many live streams and virtual concerts pop up. We would all rather go to a live concert now and enjoy it to the fullest but this is actually pretty amazing too! So just put on your soft pants and lie down on the sofa and enjoy all the entertainment that is happening on the internet right now.

Of course, this has been around for a long time with lesser-known and local artists. Now that the big and famous can not have their concerts, they jump on the train too. It is, of course, both good and bad but for all of us who love music, we can enjoy both! Famous artists like John Legend, Keith Urban and Chris Martin have already done home live-streamed converts and they were lovely.

So how do you do to find all these “Together at home” live streams and virtual concerts? The easiest way is to follow the hashtag #TogheterAtHome, #couchtour and #StayHome because they are all shattered over Instagram, Youtube, Apple Music, Twitch and Facebook. Or simply find a good article on the internet with all today’s concerts.

My friend Chris Martin did a lovely little concert from home today. I’ll be doing one tomorrow at 1pm Pacific time. See you soon. We’ll try to get through this together! #TogetherAtHome

John Legend tweeted this March 16

So if you are not out there saving the world by helping infected and sick people. Stay at home and keep social distance and enjoy live concerts from your home! We will at least try to do both because even during tough times you have to enjoy and think of something else to gather forces against this virus! Do not forget to visit the WHO website for the latest news and information about the coronavirus. We hope that you all and your family are healthy and safe! Keep fighting!