Importance of Music and Concerts

By | August 12, 2019

As we often talk about on this blog – Music is an important part of our life that brings happiness and fulfilment to our daily lives. It helps us connect with each other and the outside world. Music can be listened to anytime, anywhere and in any circumstances, what matters most is listening to the right music at the right time. How then can music and concerts help us? Musicians often hold a concert to showcase their talents and sing their best songs for an excited crowd to listen and be happy. It will give you a good feeling that together with others enjoy the music in your ears and whole body.

Makes You Feel Better

In times when you are tensed or stressed, music can actually make you feel better and more relaxed, if you decide to play a game and you feel tense, it’s simple just use music as a distraction and you would realize how great you actually feel. As Bob Marley once said: When music hits you, you feel no pain.

You will Exercise Better

If you have noticed, gyms do play music all the time because they have realized that with music on, one gets motivated to exercise better and for a longer period of time. Music and exercise connects together and it makes you concentrate more on your exercise. Actually, I was recently at the gym and couldn´t concentrate and have no motivation. But after putting on some awesome music it went well. So sometimes it feels like music has too much effect on us.


As humans, we could sometimes let our emotion control our behaviour, but music also has such powers to control our emotions. For some people, it is like yoga. At that point when you feel sad or heartbroken, there is some kind of song that you would listen to and it will change your mood immediately. The best medicine for a break-out is good music!

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Music decreases stress and increases overall health

Music affects our hormones directly and stress causes most of the sicknesses we have in our body, so once you are relaxed, stress is reduced, it can increase your chance of healthy living. However, the study has shown that listening to music can help you relax and release some of this stress which enables you to live a happy and healthier life. One of the latest trends is to listen to music and concerts in podcast formats. There are many great podcasts that release stress and can be very relaxing. One website that we enjoy looking at to find the best podcasts in 2020 on Podcast24. The list really good and niche podcasts that you would not find otherwise. They focus a lot on games so if you like that it is highly recommended.

Music is food for the soul and helps the body and mind relaxes and also have the power to bring one out of the state of depression. Hence, going to concerts to watch, listen and dance to music makes you feel better as dancing can also be seen as exercise.