Fix up your Guitar – Price Examples

By | May 24, 2017

Repairs is not only a thing for bicycles or cars. Every musician knows that a fine tuned and polished instrument need to be taken care of on a regular basis. We often get a lot of questions on prices for repairs and of course this depend on the type of service and the instrument in place.

guitar repairs

At Playsomething we know a lot about repairs and how to handle a wide range of repair services to many different instruments. These include:

  • A Complete Guitar Repair Service including re-string & clean, guitar set-ups, pick-up installation, re-frets and full maintenance overhauls.
  • A Complete Brass and Woodwind Service including servicing, set-ups and re-pads. Brass and woodwind repairs are carried out by the highly respected technician Graham De Vere White.
  • A Complete Service to String Instruments including servicing, set-ups and bow re-hairs by the highly respected craftsman George Blackburn
  • A Complete Electronic Service to equipment such as Keyboards, Amps & Digital Pianos through our contract electronics company JB Electronics.

Price quotations for instrument repairs can be given upon inspection of the instrument. Some repairs, such as guitar re-strings are carried out on our premises, other instrument repairs, such as brass & woodwind services, etc are collected and returned by our contracted technicians.

For more information please contact us or post a comment here. Since so many are asking us about prices on repairs and since most of these are asked towards the perspective of the guitar or bass, we have gathered prices to be seen as general for these repairs. Please see the list below. Your can always contact us for any more quotation on other instruments or other types of repairs.

Description Charge

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Restring £15.00
Classical Guitar Restring £15.00
Guitar Setup inc strings £45.00
Guitar Refretting £60.00
Guitar Refinishing £60.00
Restoration and customize on inspection £0.00
12 String Guitar Re – String £20.00
Floyd Rose Re String £20.00

Bass Guitar
Bass Guitar Re – String inc Strings £30.00