Cuphead is beautifull, but I hate it!

By | October 8, 2017

I’ve played the game Cuphead from start to finish, and I’m just coming to a conclusion; I don’t like it. On the verge of hate, actually. In spite of its fragile design, a magical soundtrack and a beautiful attitude – it’s really not a good game. It feels like 100% of the time has been spent writing, designing and putting together the graphic; while the game mechanics were thrown together during a coffee break on the first day of development; and then nothing more was done.


The Cuphead developers goes the whole way here; and every course I play is presented just as a short film from 1930, and is so beautifully done that I have to take my hand to my face and manually close my mouth. A typical course consists only of a bossfight who, during battle’s battle,  shape-shifts and changes attack patterns a number of times; while my role is to overcome the bullshit and try to figure out what to do to keep myself alive while luring the opponent.

Cuphead is harder than it have to be

My disgust for Cuphead has hardly anything to do with the difficulty. What bothered me most is that Cuphead would love to be hard as hell; when it’s basically not or needs to be. It is designed unfairly for it to feel difficult which makes it all meaningless, I think it’s not very good game design, when the developers force you to lose life / die completely to learn exactly where an enemy is located.

Trial and error is NOT good game design, and will never be it. It is a difficulty made out of air, artificially implemented and quite honestly really rotten. Cuphead wants to be old-school-hard but has no idea what it means. Dark Souls wrestled with the same type of problem at the beginning, a homework from Software has learned over time. A lesson I hope is learned before Cuphead 2 comes out. Until then I will focus on finding some new casino 2018 and Free Spins 2018 UK at

Have a really nice Autumn, and i will see you in November!