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Benefits of listening to music

It’s speculated that music has been with humanity ever since the dawn of civilization. And perhaps even before that. What makes music so important and special? There have been many things that come and go. But music is here to stay. Every where you turn people are blaring music. It’s synonymous with fun. And there… Read More »

Music news in March 2019

Welcome to! For us with a big love for music, there is always some news we want to discuss. All over the world, new music is being released faster than ever. Recently, we have found more and more love for the acoustic sessions at Spotify, unique recordings with some of the worlds best artists. For… Read More »

Why Listening To Music Is So Important

Many people listen to music in their car or when they are exercising in order to help pass the time. Yet there are other benefits to listening to music and these are important for everyone to know. For one thing, improvements in both physical and mental health are often seen in people who listen to… Read More »

Musicians and online casinos collaborate

Some worlds we might don’t think have a lot in common sometimes surprises us. Online casinos are very popular among people all over the world and so are music. Even so, we didn’t expect the two correlate in many ways. When we heard about the news that a famous Swedish pop-singer now collaborate with a game producer… Read More »

The history of rap music

Rap music has been with us for no less than 40 years. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular types of music and it has become a billion-dollar industry. But how did rap originally start out? What were the beginnings of rap like? Well, it’s agreed that rap originally was created by the black community… Read More »

Playing the piano

The piano is one of the most sophisticated, most popular instruments in existence. Many people would have to say that if they were to choose a single musical instrument to play – then they’d take the piano. Why is this the case? Why is the piano so popular a choice for musicians all around the… Read More »

Having fun in your Adult Life

How To Incorporate Fun And Play Into Your Adult Life The misconception that playing ends the moment you step into adulthood is widely misconstrued. On the contrary, adults can have fun and play and they should. Playing as an adult has plenty of benefits such as enhanced feelings of well-being, productivity, and creativity. Our lives… Read More »

Into the Valley – Swedish Dance Music Festival

The Electronic Music Festival,Into The Valley returned for the third consecutive year to offer four days of electronic music from some of the world’s premier DJ:s. Days filled with non-stop dancing, colorful and happy people, sunshine, drizzle, mindblowing visuals, innovative art, cold, warmth and love – all in a very unique environment. After two years… Read More »