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Learning to play the piano

It’s a new year and if you haven’t decided on a new year’s resolution so far, why not try something new? Play the piano! When stepping into a new year, it’s great timing to learn and do something new. Many people find new websites to be entertained. One example of this is new casino sites… Read More »

Sportsmen and Music

We are often coming back to this subject because it is really interesting. Why are sports and music so related? Of course, both are a form of entertainment and about having fun and brings a smile on people faces. To go to a sports event without music would be a bit weird. In this article,… Read More »

Bonnie & Clyde

Practically all the readers of this article will have heard of the notorious duo – Bonnie & Clyde. These two romantically involved people were criminals that did multiple bank robberies. In the process, they even killed people, including police officers. This is definitely not something that you should brag about. Also, it makes no sense… Read More »

Importance of Music and Concerts

As we often talk about on this blog – Music is an important part of our life that brings happiness and fulfilment to our daily lives. It helps us connect with each other and the outside world. Music can be listened to anytime, anywhere and in any circumstances, what matters most is listening to the… Read More »

The Benefits of Playing Musical Instruments

Not everyone learns to play a musical instrument, but for those who do, there are many benefits to it. The learning process affects how they think and learn in the future. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what learning to play a musical instrument can do for a person.… Read More »

The history of rap music

Rap music has been with us for no less than 40 years. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular types of music and it has become a billion-dollar industry. But how did rap originally start out? What were the beginnings of rap like? Well, it’s agreed that rap originally was created by the black community… Read More »

Playing the piano

The piano is one of the most sophisticated, most popular instruments in existence. Many people would have to say that if they were to choose a single musical instrument to play – then they’d take the piano. Why is this the case? Why is the piano so popular a choice for musicians all around the… Read More »

Benefits of learning a musical instrument

Music can be said to be one of the earliest revelations of mankind. It has forever changed the way we live and go about our lives. There are many theories as to the exact origin of music. But if one thing is certain – it’s that all people enjoy some form of music or another.… Read More »

Why It Is Better To Learn An Instrument As An Adult

Most adults who enjoy acoustic and instrumental music would probably like to know how to play certain musical instruments but are terrified by the possibility. Some of them assume that the time for learning an instrument passed them by. The misconception that it is better to learn an instrument as a child is far from… Read More »

Popular computer games

Computer games have achieved immense popularity, especially in the last couple of decades. These games help pass time and are lots of fun to play. You can play them solo or with partners. Playing such games have also reported having many emotional, mental and physical benefits. From the simple game of Tetris, games of today… Read More »