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New podcast in UK gives you trends for casino sites 2020!

Hi and welcome to! Another year is starting to come to an end, something that comparison sites for online casinos surely noticed. We have seen a lot of focus towards 2020 already, and since you play at casinos, we thought that Play Something should mention this new development as well. Just like playing instruments,… Read More »

Musicians and online casinos collaborate

Some worlds we might don’t think have a lot in common sometimes surprises us. Online casinos are very popular among people all over the world and so are music. Even so, we didn’t expect the two correlate in many ways. When we heard about the news that a famous Swedish pop-singer now collaborate with a game producer… Read More »

Why It Is Better To Learn An Instrument As An Adult

Most adults who enjoy acoustic and instrumental music would probably like to know how to play certain musical instruments but are terrified by the possibility. Some of them assume that the time for learning an instrument passed them by. The misconception that it is better to learn an instrument as a child is far from… Read More »

Card Games

Card games offer both social enjoyment and pleasure when played during one’s pastime. Card games are a great form of entertainment particularly as a group activity and they are quite popular as an indoor activity among adults. There are varieties of card games, some of which are used in gambling such as poker but they… Read More »

Cuphead is beautifull, but I hate it!

I’ve played the game Cuphead from start to finish, and I’m just coming to a conclusion; I don’t like it. On the verge of hate, actually. In spite of its fragile design, a magical soundtrack and a beautiful attitude – it’s really not a good game. It feels like 100% of the time has been… Read More »