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Live streams and virtual concerts

Since the world is shutting down and going into lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic we are starting to see many live streams and virtual concerts pop up. We would all rather go to a live concert now and enjoy it to the fullest but this is actually pretty amazing too! So… Read More »

Having fun in your Adult Life

How To Incorporate Fun And Play Into Your Adult Life The misconception that playing ends the moment you step into adulthood is widely misconstrued. On the contrary, adults can have fun and play and they should. Playing as an adult has plenty of benefits such as enhanced feelings of well-being, productivity, and creativity. Our lives… Read More »

Why You Should Make A Point Of Going To At Least One Concert

Everyone, regardless of whether they like music or not, should experience their favorite artists or band live at least once in their lifetime. Attending a concert with live music with friends or loved ones beats listening on your computer or your phone. However, concert tickets and the additional charges associated with them can be steep… Read More »

Into the Valley – Swedish Dance Music Festival

The Electronic Music Festival,Into The Valley returned for the third consecutive year to offer four days of electronic music from some of the world’s premier DJ:s. Days filled with non-stop dancing, colorful and happy people, sunshine, drizzle, mindblowing visuals, innovative art, cold, warmth and love – all in a very unique environment. After two years… Read More »