Learning to play the piano

It’s a new year and if you haven’t decided on a new year’s resolution so far, why not try something new? Play the piano! When stepping into a new year, it’s great timing to learn and do something new. Many people find new websites to be entertained. One example of this is new casino sites in the UK which you can find here. Other ones are looking for new habits of different kinds, but learning to play an instrument is one of the major things to learn.

play piano 2021

There are many people that would like nothing more than to play the piano. And it’s easy to learn why. The fact is that there is nothing more unique and gracious than playing the piano. However, there are also many people that are quite stumped. They don’t know how to begin the process of learning. Well, we’re here to help. You can learn all the info you need, below.

Timeless advice

  1. Start early. The earlier you start to learn the piano – the better off you will be. There are several reasons for this. First off, the human brain is much more malleable in a person’s younger years. As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to ingrain new knowledge and skills. It’s just a fact of life. So, the earlier you start the process of learning the piano – the speedier will you be at mastering it. 
  2. Practice often. What you need to do is practice as often as possible. Hitting the keyboard every so often won’t get you very far. Instead, what you’ll want to do is create a steady schedule of practicing. And be prepared to be persistent. You won’t master the piano in a month. You won’t master it in a year, either. It will take years and years of dedicated effort to master the piano. But you will see that the biggest leaps in your skills are in the first year. After that, progress will be a bit slower and steadier.
  3. Get a mentor. Where do you think you would get to if you learn to play piano by yourself? Even if you’re extraordinarily talented – you won’t get far. What you need to find is a mentor. A mentor is someone that has mastered the piano themselves – and that are willing to teach you how to play. It’s one thing to learn the piano through online courses – albeit this too is effective. But if you can find a teacher and a mentor that will dedicate themselves to your progress – then you will improve your skills in leaps and bounds.

In conclusion

These are the simplest ideas that you can follow if you want to get good at playing the piano. Start as early as possible, practice as often as possible, and get a mentor. And you will see that, soon enough, you will become very good at playing the piano.

Sportsmen and Music

We are often coming back to this subject because it is really interesting. Why are sports and music so related? Of course, both are a form of entertainment and about having fun and brings a smile on people faces. To go to a sports event without music would be a bit weird. In this article, we will cover another aspect of sports and music. We will list our top 3 favourite sportsmen that actually play music. Either an instrument or are singing.

Pau Gasol

Pau Gasol is a famous NBA player in LA Lakers. But when he is not playing basketball he loves to play bass violin. He even plays at the Opera in Los Angeles. He loves going to concerts and even writes his own music.

And maybe most important of all. Pau Gasol listens to music before every game. He uses it to sharpen his mind and get prepared for the games.

Source: https://www.talkbasket.net/81191-which-nba-players-have-the-most-remarkable-hobbies

Henrik Lundqvist

The New York Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist, knows his way in more places than on the ice rink. He is actually a really good guitar player and was even in a band or two growing up in the little town in Sweden, called Båstad. Even though he might not come to the same level as he’s been doing playing ice hockey, he has actually a quite big performance as well. At the Jimmy Fallon show, Henrik Lundqvist played live on stage. Song of choice? Sweet Child of Mine by the Guns N’ Roses!

Even though he might not come to the same level as he’s been doing playing ice hockey, he has actually a quite big performance as well. At the Jimmy Fallon show, Henrik Lundqvist played live on stage. Song of choice? Sweet Child of Mine by the Guns N’ Roses!

Manny Pacquiao

The Philippine fighter Manny Pacquiao also knows his way around a guitar. On top of that, he does vocals too. Whether it’s good or not, we actually can’t say. He hasn’t been exactly too generous showing his skills. However, in some way, it’s our favourite on the list. This sportsman, also known for being into politics in the Philippines, doesn’t exactly gives the impression of being into music. But, apparently, we are wrong!

Live streams and virtual concerts

Since the world is shutting down and going into lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic we are starting to see many live streams and virtual concerts pop up. We would all rather go to a live concert now and enjoy it to the fullest but this is actually pretty amazing too! So just put on your soft pants and lie down on the sofa and enjoy all the entertainment that is happening on the internet right now.

Of course, this has been around for a long time with lesser-known and local artists. Now that the big and famous can not have their concerts, they jump on the train too. It is, of course, both good and bad but for all of us who love music, we can enjoy both! Famous artists like John Legend, Keith Urban and Chris Martin have already done home live-streamed converts and they were lovely.

So how do you do to find all these “Together at home” live streams and virtual concerts? The easiest way is to follow the hashtag #TogheterAtHome, #couchtour and #StayHome because they are all shattered over Instagram, Youtube, Apple Music, Twitch and Facebook. Or simply find a good article on the internet with all today’s concerts.

My friend Chris Martin did a lovely little concert from home today. I’ll be doing one tomorrow at 1pm Pacific time. See you soon. We’ll try to get through this together! #TogetherAtHome

John Legend tweeted this March 16

So if you are not out there saving the world by helping infected and sick people. Stay at home and keep social distance and enjoy live concerts from your home! We will at least try to do both because even during tough times you have to enjoy and think of something else to gather forces against this virus! Do not forget to visit the WHO website for the latest news and information about the coronavirus. We hope that you all and your family are healthy and safe! Keep fighting!

Benefits of listening to music

It’s speculated that music has been with humanity ever since the dawn of civilization. And perhaps even before that. What makes music so important and special? There have been many things that come and go. But music is here to stay. Every where you turn people are blaring music. It’s synonymous with fun. And there are many benefits of listening to music. Read all about them below.

benefits music 2020

  1. The road to relaxation. Naturally, there are different styles of music. Many people would report that listening to death metal is far from a relaxing experience. But there are many genres of soothing music that you can listen to relax. Having a stressful day at work? Relax with music. You will find that nothing is as soothing to calm you down as music.
  2. You can relate deeply to music. And we’re not talking inherently about music here. We’re also talking about the lyrics of the individual songs. People are known to put their hearts out in songs. And many songs are very honest – written and composed by highly intelligent people. If you find that you have an emotional problem in your life, then listen to some music. Chances are that you will easily find a song that you can relate to. And this will make things easier for you. Perhaps, these songs will even teach you something about yourself. Something that you would have never discovered – if it weren’t for these songs.
  3. It’s a faithful companion no matter what you do. Almost every activity can be accompanied by music. And if it’s music of an appropriate style – you will see that it eases work. Again – if you find yourself bored or stressed – play some music. It will help relax you and perhaps even sharpen your focus to the tasks at hand.
  4. Music can help you meet and relate to people. It’s one of the most important things to practically all people. If you find another person that listens to the same style of music as you do – then chances are that you will relate. And this may very well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. So, music is a powerful way to boost your social circles. This is why you almost always hear music in social events, elevators and much more. We are having an easier time meeting people with a music in the background. As an example, luxury hotels and casinos in Vegas put down a lot of time and money in 2020 to make the whole experience as appealing as possible for its visitors. During 2020, both restaurants and hotels have developed a lot of features in regards to this.

In conclusion

Music is one of the most popular and the most powerful things in the world. We hope that you will enjoy hearing it, no matter who you are.

New podcast in UK gives you trends for casino sites 2020!

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Another year is starting to come to an end, something that comparison sites for online casinos surely noticed. We have seen a lot of focus towards 2020 already, and since you play at casinos, we thought that Play Something should mention this new development as well. Just like playing instruments, playing at online casinos can be very soothing. However, we want to make sure that we are all for responsible gambling and that players always should seek help if they can’t handle it. Nonetheless, as long as it is on a healthy level, it may be a fun way to get a thrill. And at the same time having the possibility to win some money.

Signing up as a new player is usually a way to get a big welcome bonus. Something that the guys at Casino-Bonus.com know about. They have a specific page for new casino sites in the UK for 2020, which lists all the new brands that you can play at. On top of that, they have recently released a podcast that digs deeper into what to expect from casinos in 2020.

A podcast about new UK casinos in 2020

In a podcast trending time, listening to new information about everything is quite popular. Instead of watching or reading the news today, many people listen to their favourite news podcast instead. In The Casino Bonus Podcast, this site takes casino comparison sites into this media. Their content manager, Nicholas Cross, talks about the future and predict what UK casinos will offer their players in 2020. Nick also writes trustworthy reviews for the site and with his long experience in the industry, he sure knows what he’s talking about. A great way, according to us, to find the new casino sites in the UK that are safe to play at and offer what we want.

podcast new casino sites 2020 uk

In this podcast, he also recommends casinos what they should think about to maintain players. Today, many brands have a big issue keeping their players. Therefore, new and improved VIP clubs in such is needed. It might actually be a really good idea for casino operators to listen to this podcast as well, in order to get some pointers on how to develop their sites.

If you want to listen to their podcast, which any UK casino player 2020 should do, visit the site or use one of the following podcast channels:

Next time, we will be back with more music, instruments and concerts, for sure. Until then, Play Something!

Bonnie & Clyde

Practically all the readers of this article will have heard of the notorious duo – Bonnie & Clyde. These two romantically involved people were criminals that did multiple bank robberies. In the process, they even killed people, including police officers. This is definitely not something that you should brag about. Also, it makes no sense for us to idolize this sort of behavior or look up to these people. But still, there is a lot of romanticism involved here. If we set aside the murders, it looks like a rather romantic story. So, Bonnie & Clyde is now a slot game that you can play – made by Red Rake.

Join Bonnie & Clyde

We feel like we mentioned enough information when it comes to the theme – in the introductory paragraph. However, we can still spare to say a few additional words. The most jarring piece of this game is the music. There are a bunch of loud trumpets that come up every time you spin the reels. While this seems fun at first – it can get rather overbearing after a while. The music varies and not all spins sound the same. But still, hearing the same trumpets over and over again will definitely convince you to mute the music eventually.

Aside from that, you can enjoy the old-school gangster-like theme of the 1930s. If you’re not spinning the reels, then you will listen to the crickets chirping in the background. It seems like you’re to be found in an uninhabited area. It really sets the theme up. Like you’re in between doing bank robberies and murders.

There are Thompson guns, getaway cars, money stacks, pistols, you name it, when it comes to the symbols. Also, no game like this would be complete if there weren’t the symbols of Bonnie and Clyde, too. And the rest of the symbols are those of the card forms.

bonnie clyde slot

Robbing a bank with Bonnie & Clyde

While you will not get to rob a bank – you will certainly feel like it when playing this game. And especially if you’re on a winning streak. There are 50 pay lines in total. There are 5 reels and 4 rows. There are special symbols, too. If you get Bonnie, then you will be able to get free spins. Get five of these symbols and you will be rewarded with 50 free spins. And this is not really a small number of free spins. Also, there are special symbols when it comes to Bonnie. If you see a number on her – then you will get extra free spins to the tune of said number. Not to be outshined, Clyde is a symbol that comes in stacks and wins from left to right. If you want to try the game, get one of the latest casino bonuses for a better gambling experience.

In conclusion

This game does justice to the story of the notorious criminals Bonnie & Clyde. Again, it’s not something to aspire to. But you can still think of a better story in your head where the villains are actually the heroes. If you do this, then you will enjoy this game a lot.

Importance of Music and Concerts

As we often talk about on this blog – Music is an important part of our life that brings happiness and fulfilment to our daily lives. It helps us connect with each other and the outside world. Music can be listened to anytime, anywhere and in any circumstances, what matters most is listening to the right music at the right time. How then can music and concerts help us? Musicians often hold a concert to showcase their talents and sing their best songs for an excited crowd to listen and be happy. It will give you a good feeling that together with others enjoy the music in your ears and whole body.

Makes You Feel Better

In times when you are tensed or stressed, music can actually make you feel better and more relaxed, if you decide to play a game and you feel tense, it’s simple just use music as a distraction and you would realize how great you actually feel. As Bob Marley once said: When music hits you, you feel no pain.

You will Exercise Better

If you have noticed, gyms do play music all the time because they have realized that with music on, one gets motivated to exercise better and for a longer period of time. Music and exercise connects together and it makes you concentrate more on your exercise. Actually, I was recently at the gym and couldn´t concentrate and have no motivation. But after putting on some awesome music it went well. So sometimes it feels like music has too much effect on us.


As humans, we could sometimes let our emotion control our behaviour, but music also has such powers to control our emotions. For some people, it is like yoga. At that point when you feel sad or heartbroken, there is some kind of song that you would listen to and it will change your mood immediately. The best medicine for a break-out is good music!

emotion health music concerts

Music decreases stress and increases overall health

Music affects our hormones directly and stress causes most of the sicknesses we have in our body, so once you are relaxed, stress is reduced, it can increase your chance of healthy living. However, the study has shown that listening to music can help you relax and release some of this stress which enables you to live a happy and healthier life. One of the latest trends is to listen to music and concerts in podcast formats. There are many great podcasts that release stress and can be very relaxing. One website that we enjoy looking at to find the best podcasts in 2020 on Podcast24. The list really good and niche podcasts that you would not find otherwise. They focus a lot on games so if you like that it is highly recommended.

Music is food for the soul and helps the body and mind relaxes and also have the power to bring one out of the state of depression. Hence, going to concerts to watch, listen and dance to music makes you feel better as dancing can also be seen as exercise.

Music news in March 2019

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For us with a big love for music, there is always some news we want to discuss. All over the world, new music is being released faster than ever. Recently, we have found more and more love for the acoustic sessions at Spotify, unique recordings with some of the worlds best artists. For example, don’t miss out on the version of Pani! at the Disco’s song, High Hopes, from the Spotify Studios in NYC. A fantastic song that might be even better.

We also recently noticed that Wizkid and Teni are doing a collaboration that is about to get released. This was something we learned from Twitter when the former CEO of Nairabet, Nigerian Akin Alabi, tweeted about how excited he was about this. Nairabet is an online casino and betting site in the UK and Nigeria and the owner is famous about his love for music. Read more about him and the site at this Nairabet review. We can only share his joy about this joint venture between WizKid and Teni and are sure it’s going to be something special.

Some other International music news in March 2019

music news march 2019Talking about collaborations. Sia is someone we have loved since the first time we heard her. Now she has made a song together with Diplo and Labyrinth. The song, No New Friends, was released just a couple of days ago and is an upbeat pop song with a very modern touch. Definitely a track we all will be listening to a lot in the future.

And, usually, we are not much for the Eurovision Song Contest. But, this year it is something extra. Holland, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland are some of the countries that are believed in having a good shot at winning. We have listened to them and can’t do anything else than agree to this. Talking about betting, at some betting sites you are able to actually bet on the winner of this years Eurovision Song Content. Sure, you can’t compete in music, but still – maybe you sometimes can?

We’ll soon be back with more music news!

Why Listening To Music Is So Important

Many people listen to music in their car or when they are exercising in order to help pass the time. Yet there are other benefits to listening to music and these are important for everyone to know. For one thing, improvements in both physical and mental health are often seen in people who listen to music on a regular basis, as opposed to those who don’t.

One the other reasons why listening to music is so important is that it helps improve memory and the ability to learn. Research shows that information is easier to recall when music is being played. Whether one is a musician or just enjoys listening, they benefit in different ways. Musicians tend to benefit more from listening to music that they enjoy, where others simply need to hear positive, update music in order for it to make a difference to them. It has also been proven that music increases one’s verbal intelligence and even gives them a higher IQ.

Within minutes of beginning to listen to music, people are automatically in a better mode. Doing so means that a person’s dopamine levels rise simply because they are listening to music that they thoroughly enjoy. Those who suffer from depression may even be able to alleviate their systems through music. As dopamine levels rise when doing so, serotonin and norepinephrine levels also do. Happiness and even euphoria are proven side effects of listening to music.

One of the best benefits: Get healthier

In addition to being a mood booster, music also helps people feel less stressed out, thereby making them healthier. Chronic stress can be treated by listening to music because when a person does so, their cortisol production decreases. As a result, people are less likely to become physically ill than if they didn’t listen to music. While listening is very therapeutic, so is singing along with one’s favourite songs. It has been proven that singing along to music results in an immune system boost, also making people less likely to become ill.

Another way in which music keeps people healthier is by causing them to eat less. When soft music and lighting are combined it creates a relaxing environment that causes people to slow down their eating and savour their food, increasing the chances that they will finish eating before consuming too much.

While music is an important aspect of day-to-day life it can also be used to help people sleep, especially those that suffer from insomnia, as 30% of all people do. Experts recommend one hour before bedtime listening to relaxing music in order to improve the quality of one’s sleep. Though many people choose to read before bed, it has been proven that listening to music before bed is much more beneficial.

These are all of the reasons why it is so important for music to be a regular part of everyone’s life. Its physical and mental effects on people make it a powerful force that has the ability to change lives.

Musicians and online casinos collaborate

Some worlds we might don’t think have a lot in common sometimes surprises us. Online casinos are very popular among people all over the world and so are music. Even so, we didn’t expect the two correlate in many ways. When we heard about the news that a famous Swedish pop-singer now collaborate with a game producer for online casinos, we had to look deeper into collaborations between gambling and music. We were surprised, to say the least when we noticed that is wasn’t as uncommon as we first thought.

When Music met Casino

music casinoThe Swedish artist, Erik Segerstedt, will work alongside with GiG, Gaming Innovation Group, in producing Popstar. This new casino game has a full focus on music, something we, of course, love to hear. There are a great number of different casinos in the United Kingdom, something we soon figured out after visiting newcasinooffers.co.uk, a comparison site for new casino sites in the United Kingdom. By reading a couple of different reviews, we found a casino that was supposed to have a lot of different game developers and, thereof, many games. And pretty soon we had discovered how many games that involve music so much more than only a background sound.

NetEnt Rocks – The greatest collaboration of them all

If you like to play at online casinos, we think that you will love the NetEnt Rocks series. This is a collaboration between the online casino slot developer NetEnt and three of the largest artists ever been; Guns N’ Roses, Jimi Hendrix and Motorhead. In these slot games, you can choose from some of their most famous songs while playing the game.

More to come?

From what we hear, the NetEnt Rocks series was a huge success and the Guns N’ Roses slot was the most played game among new online casinos for a long time. Therefore, we think more developers will try to get a new audience of players by launching music slots. GiG and Erik Segerstedt are most probably up to something good that will benefit them in 2019!