Baby Driver – Movie of the Year (So far)

By | June 26, 2017

Now I have to admit that i haven’t seen a lot of Edgar Wright movies, but I have heard a lot of people praise him for his older movies like Hot Fuzz, Scott Pilgrim, Shaun of the Dead and The World’s End. I’ve only seen Hot Fuzz and I didn’t like it very much. The trailers for Baby Driver on the other hand; were really good, so I just went in with an open mind.

This movie is only as good as the lead character called Baby. I haven’t seen Ansel Elgort in any previous movies, but he gave a great performance as Baby and the character was great and relatable.


Baby is a getaway driver for heists and always listens to music because of an accident that happened when he was young. The reason for him to listen to music is explained well, and I love that he listens to a classic IPod. I had an IPod just like that so that made it relatable and Baby is a great character; so that really made the movie fun for me.

Other than Baby, the rest of the movie is also great, I absolutely loved it, there really are no issues I have with it, to be honest.

So besides the main character, what else makes the movie great? Well, the side characters are really good as well. Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm, Lily James and so on; they’re all really great. I totally believed the love story between Baby and the girl Debora. I honestly was afraid of that, but they made it work out perfectly.

Another thing I loved was the soundtrack, throughout almost the entirety of the movie the score and the soundtrack is used and it works perfectly. They made the music one of the characters in the movie.

Of course this is also an action movie; so the question is how the action handled. Well, if you saw the trailers you could see some really cool shots there, and the movie is no different. The style is great and luckily most of the action is shot with long takes and all in frame. I was so into the action because it was so well shot and it was practical. I have to admit that I don’t know if they used CGI but that’s the great thing, if there was CGI, I didn’t see that it was CGI, so that’s great.